To provide support to the Director of the various BanYa projects as a voluntary organization, assist with developing a friends and donor base, encourage a range of community events, assist with developing a sustainable financial operation and give assistance to the staff and students as required.


To The Director BanYa Projects

Sister Euphrasia or her deputy


a Committee members: as determined by the Director

b registered members or donors

c Project Co-ordinators and staff

Meetings and location

To be held monthly    last Tuesday at a location to be determined but close to each of the three projects from time to time


a to liaise with the Director on all matters of each project

b convene regular meetings, agendas and reports

c communicate with external agencies

d to co-ordinate support for the various centres and mobile service


Areas of Support

Education and Training

1 BanYa Literacy Centre

a to give support and training as required to the professional staff

b co ordinate the Rajahbat University Teacher Training program for the BanYa Literacy centre

c support student teachers and teachers on exchange

d assists with the liaising with the British International School and other bodies

e to assist with the development of resources

f support physical activity programs

h assists with holiday camps


2 Vocational Training Centre,and Toplands

a to give support to English Massage and Hairdressing programs

b give support for the profession training program

c support  Happy Home Students as per Banya

d establish a food bank

e upgrade the facilities


3 Promotion of Anti Human Trafficking and Human Rights protection

a establish a mobile education center

b establish projects in counseling and therapy

c establish a library

d provide training in health law legal rights and child protection

e assist Toplands with accommodation,medical,transport food and counselling


4. Health and Well Being in all project areas

an assist with the provision of nutritious meals five days per week

b co-ordinate dental and medical checks and hair inspection

c assists with the provision of school uniforms/clothing

d organise Water Safety Projects

e maintain clean water provision

f support personal health projects


5. Communications and events

a to prepare and distribute a regular newsletter supporting all projects

b provide material for the website and other social media

c develop a distribution list (Friends)

d co-ordinate events within the BanYa community


6. Community Sustainability for each project

a be a champion for the establishment of a sustainable ecosystem

b implements a zero waste policy

c organize the sorting of waste into plastics,paper,metal,compost and hazardous materials

d assists in enforcing though education the five R,s Respect, Reduce, Reuse Recycle Restore

e establish a zero plastics policy

f ensure effective supply of clean water each day

g develop programs empower marginalized communities to implement waste reduction policies


7. Finance and Resources

a to work with director and manager to prepare a three year budget

b to list requirements for capital works and grounds

c ensure that all appropriate legal requirements are met ie Health and safety,insurance public liability

d maintain a donor base and “Cloud funding”

e provide regular reports on donations and their expenditure

f secure grants and donations