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The centre has grown to 225 children from several migrant worker camps. The children are in regular attendance. The centre is now committed to improving the health and wellbeing of children to assist their general health and ability to learn.

The centre initially introduced a clean drinking water system donated by the Rotary Clubs of Hokkaido (Japan) which provided one litre of water per day per child. The children drink from their own cups so there is no plastic.

The centre is also committed to regular dental l and medical checks

The children have worn the same uniform each day and the project aims at providing children with a new clean second set of clothes.

A key feature of this project is so introduce a nutritious meal each day .The food will be administered through the small kitchen and distributed by volunteers

The menu has been especially designed to cater for the children’s needs.

The costs per month are:

(1 meal per day                                     3,500)

Per month                                           70,000

Gas and cleaning                                   2,000

Milk                                                        20,000


Total     per month                              92,000   Baht