The Good Shepherd Order with a group of local volunteers committed themselves to protect the lives of 3 to 15-year-old Myanmar children living in squalor at great risk in local construction camps. Starting five years ago in BanJo with 40 children, some volunteers and teachers the literacy centre began teaching Thai Burmese and English and provided uniforms. The aim was to encourage them to go to Thai or Burmese schools.

What an impact this has been! St. Euphrasia BanYa Literacy Center with a new Face.

Through the generosity of Mr.Tanit owner of the Center and hardworking of Mr. Rudy and Ms. Jessica, dedicated teachers now with 225 students coming from several camps and in a newly constructed rented building classes are underway. Meals are provided two days a week, there are new toilets and there has been a massive campaign to “Clean Your Teeth” and “Wash Your Hands “. The Centre completely depends on donations as there is no support from the government. What a great group of helpers that have been. International donors: The World Dignity Ltd. Mary’s Friends sponsorship Fund for Children. Local Gold Clubs RotaryClubs from around the world and the hard work of locals who run a second-hand shop. This just a beginning

Our Mission

To protect and provide a safe setting for young Myanmar children in construction camps, improve literacy, teach Thai Burmese and English improve health and hygiene and to empower the young to live an independent purposeful and creative life of their own. To allow every boy and girl to fully realise their own potential, live in harmony within their family and community and make a contribution to making the world a more sustainable and peaceful place.

Student Support

Tuition costs per student are 800 Baht ($US 22) and full cost icl meals and uniforms per month is 1000 Baht ($US 28) per month or 12,00,000 Baht ($US 342)per year

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