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Literacy – Mobile education – Temporary Shelter – Vocational Training

A Child Protection Response in Phuket Thailand, empowering through education and training, women, children and families in need to secure a safe and independent pathway into the future

Context 2019

Project 1 the Promotion of Ant-Human Trafficking and Human Rights protection in Phuket

This project will provide a mobile centre which will provide Life skills and Health care through the establishment of a library the provision of counselling and therapy services and training in the law,

Project 2 Child Protection

Many children of Myanmese construction workers live in poor conditions in construction camps with no running water and little supervision

The Good Shepherd Order working with volunteers over the past five years established a literacy centre for some 250 children with 10 staff which ensures they can speak Thai and are able to sit tests making them eligible for entry into Thai and Burmese Schools.

 Health and Well Being in a sustainable environment is essential to learning and the centre provides clean drinking water, safe sanitation, nutritious meals, regular health and dental checks.

Water Safety has been introduced to ensure children can swim which is a major cause of child deaths in Thailand.

The St Euphrasia Banya Literacy Centre is totally funded by the generous donations of the local and international community

Project 3 Good Shepherd Development and Vocational Training Centre Patong

In Thavewong Road, Patong Phuket in two donated houses a major vocational program operates to provide vocational training for women to undertake English language development supported by overseas volunteers  and specific training in Massage and Hairdressing. Fees are minimal.

This centre has been extended in 2019 to cater for 20-30 vulnerable and at risk children from Myanmar who lives in the local Patong construction camps or families impacted by natural disasters as well as a centre for creative vocational ideas

The year ahead aims at improving both the range of courses and the quality of instruction.

 To undertake this major renovation is required and volunteers and donors are invited to assist in upgrading the houses and the furniture and equipment

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    Provide school meals to the students 5 days per week.

    Currently we are able to fund hot meals 2 days per week for the students.  Our aim is to increase this to 5 days ensuring we provide access to a hot cooked meal for each and every child at banYa.

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